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We Are Moving! Hooray!

Well, I can hardly believe it, and I keep pinching myself, but on Wednesday we got a contract on our house, full asking price, and we will be leaving this area for good on September 30th!  I am soooooo over-the-moon happy!  And to think, the people who are buying our home came to see it on the one year anniversary of my return to Ms. Will.  That just shows to go ya, a whole fuckton of things can change in a year’s time.  I could not be happier, more excited or more frazzled!  So, if my regular schedule seems a bit off to you, there is a reason for that.  I have been dealing with another family matter, but thankfully, I am getting some much needed help now that we are in a major crunch time to move.  All is well and it will get handled.  And please, please, please don’t think that I am too busy to talk!  You know what they say, saved by the bell!  When you call, I get to sit down and enjoy our time together and have a nice little respite from bossing my sissy slaves around.  You didn’t really think I was going to do any of the heavy lifting now, did you?   Buahahahahaha!  I have people for that!  I am merely supervising and delegating, two tasks at which both Ms. Will and I excel!  I will have more for you from BB’s  tale– Humiliatrix Academy:  The Freshman Years, in my next blog post, so stay tuned!  😉

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