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Happy Tuesday and My Schedule for the Next Few Days

Ahhhh, another Tuesday. Well, this is the Tuesday before Ms. Will and I celebrate a milestone of sorts. We actually celebrate the next three days, starting tomorrow (it IS National Coming Out Day, you know). So I may or may not be around much these few days, but then again, it is a lot of fun for us to share our big moments with all of you. Just only yesterday we got to say hello to our dear friend, John, some of you may know him as Non-Chef John. Gosh, it’s been AGES since we got to catch up with John! And, as John likes to do, I got to catch up with not only John but Mistresses Cecilia and Constance, too! I am very happy to hear that they are both doing well, despite them both having lived through a harrowing past few weeks because of hurricanes and the like. I have been so out of the loop of late, since we’ve been in San Diego. The place where we are staying doesn’t have internet, so we are using Ms. Will’s hotspot (hehe) and trying like crazy to conserve the data. So needless to say, I am not on social media much for news or anything really. But I am trying to connect when I can. It’s been a hoot, though! For a while there we were hitting this one quaint little restaurant, a Mom and Pop joint, and using their wifi while we were there. We still do to do any uploading or downloading. It’s so primitive, y’all! I need to dig out my fur pelt skirt!

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