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Moving into a New Wheelhouse!

Well, today is the BIG DAY! We are going to get the funds to buy our new rolling home and I believe we will take delivery today. Then comes the fun part (tongue planted firmly in cheek): cleaning it. It is really clean, but you know how when you move into a new place that someone else has lived in, you feel like you need to polish every surface with some shine of your own? Well, that will be me and Ms. Will over the next day or so. I should be around for calls once we get that wheeling bastard in the park, but do call me and give me an excuse to talk dirty and let Ms. Will do the work, ha! Actually, I always welcome a break, from whatever I happen to be doing, so that I can talk to you! It’s been so beautiful here in AZ, we got some glorious rain, which made me want to run outside and dance naked, but I didn’t want to shock all of the old men around here, who are hilarious, by the way. We went to this local eatery and we had three old dudes come up to our table, each one making some funny or silly comment. We just laugh and laugh! One guy said the happiest couple in the world were Adam and Eve, because neither one of them had mothers-in-law! That completely cracked us both up, although, Ms. Will and my Mom get along FAMOUSLY. Her Mom and I don’t even speak the same language, literally or figuratively. FUNNY!

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