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Saturday in the Sun Feeling Gooooood!

Wow. First Saturday all alone in the new RV. It’s kinda cool, I won’t lie. I am really feeling settled here like I used to feel in my actual sticks and bricks house. I was making something the other day and I couldn’t get the drawer in the kitchen open because I FORGOT I WAS IN AN RV and not in a house! Can you imagine? Then Ms. Will said, “Court, you gotta lift up and pull,” and I was so embarrassed but kind of happy that I could have that feeling in here. It’s so damn pretty, guys. And when I experience beauty, it makes me feel sexy. I think that’s a woman thing. It’s why women love beauty so much, it speaks to us. And some of you naughty fellas have been using my RV Life as a spring board for some pretty raunchy, truck stop fantasies! I love it! Grist for the mill, right? I am just so fucking happy! In the old RV, I NEVER FORGOT I WAS IN AN RV, like, EVER. Right now the sun looks so beautiful on the trees blowing in the breeze and the shadows on the mountains are simply gorgeous! I love to think of mountains as beautiful women’s bodies lying down in the nude. Somewhere in New Mexico there is a sleeping lady and you can see her long hair and her boobs and everything. Nature turns me on so much, can you tell? 😉 One of my very favorite songs is called, “I’m in Love with Mother Nature” by a lesbian jazz duo named Zrazy. You should check it out!

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2 comments to Saturday in the Sun Feeling Gooooood!

  • Im with you Ms Courtney, nature is tremendous for the sex drive. Moving to the mountains has done wonders for my health and stamina. It’s really so beautiful here I have to pinch myself. Leaving that soot town Los Angeles was the best move ever. Now I’m away from the taxes, the screwy politics, and the real estate greed. Keep on writing your adventures. I’m always keeping an eye on your posts.

  • Courtney

    You are so sweet! I love that we stay in touch via our blogs. I am happy you are happy with your move!

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