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Happy Hump Day and Some Interesting Developments from Mistress Courtney

Happy Hump Day to each and everyone of you from me, phone sex Mistress Courtney!  I had a big plan to take one call today, just one, from my little sissy fag who was going to call me up for some phone sex so I could talk to his big hunk of man meat while he got his little face fucked and his pussy pounded!  Ahhh the life of a Femdom!  Then, I planned to take the entire day off to be with Ms. Will, who has been out of town for 10 days.  But, I over slept (yes, we, uh, bonded last night after 10 days apart!) and I just did not hear the alarm.  As soon as I realized that I might have missed my opportunity to talk to my little sissy fag and his gay top, I rushed to my laptop in the nude and logged on to take his call, in the hopes that I might still have a chance to hear him gag and cry out as he got used and abused by his lover.   Ms. Will and I snuggled and canoodled in bed and he never called.  BUT, someone did!  Yup, someone snuck in under the radar and had a nice guided masturbation session with a nude Mistress snuggled up next to her lesbian lover.  See?  Sometimes when you snooze, you don’t lose!  Bet you are all wishing and wondering if that could be you someday … maybe?  Well just have to see about that little stroker boy!  😉

If you are missing me, I will be back tomorrow! 😀

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