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Fun Day for a Custom, CFNM Audio!

CFNM Humiliation Audio

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  It’s been a fun day.  I got to record a custom audio for a gentleman that involved some serious CFNM humiliation.   Here’s the deal:  he was required by his employer to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in order to expunge a charge of sexual harassment from his permanent record.  Of course, I have an all female staff that get invited to help me help him understand what it’s like to sexually harassed.  You can imagine how naked and exposed he felt in front of a group of clothed women!  It kind of reminds me of the sex toy and lingerie parties I am so famous for having!  (You know, when I get some unsuspecting bloke to bring us a bag of ice mid-way through the party and make him masturbate for all of the ladies?  Good times.)

With a Little Small Penis Humiliation Mixed In

Before I had him completely strip for me, he had to tell me if he considered his penis to be small.  Of course he said yes.  When he stripped it was not only on the small side, he was completely shaved.  Talk about small penis humiliation!  You know it’s small when it’s shaved and it still looks small, that’s small!  Of course, in the audio, I told him it was not too bad of a penis.  I guess all of the CFNM humiliation was enough!  Hahahaha!

Finally, Punished in Front of Others

Then I brought in all of my staff to watch him masturbate for us.  I told him that if he didn’t shoot his load six feet, I would not give him a glowing report to his employer.  What a fun fantasy!  He was definitely being punished in front of others!


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1 comment to Fun Day for a Custom, CFNM Audio!

  • Mistress Amber

    I absolutely love watching guys with tiny dicks give me a show on cam. Being naked and vulnerable is so exciting for them, they’ll do anything! I’ve gotten them to shove household items in their butt, rub their little penis up against things, dance around, do jumping jacks, cum on their food…..I bet I could get some little asskisser to sing I’m A Little Teapot, complete with hand motions. (I’ll have to try that!) Gluttons for punishment, I tell ya! They just can’t get enough of that stinging humiliation! Having your cam guy perform for you and friends….that was probably the best thing he did all day! Great post!

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