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My Schedule is WIDE OPEN, Let’s Play!

Happy Friday!  We made it!  This has been the longest fucking week of my life.  After back-to-back-to-back overnight guests, where the overnight guests thought it would peachy to have guests of their own over (oi vey!) and then while the overnight guests were here, other shits invited themselves over and brought extra people with . . . → Read More: My Schedule is WIDE OPEN, Let’s Play!

An Interesting Cuckold Call

Sooooo, I had this really fun, kind of unusual cuckold call this past week.  The fella said that he and his wife had gotten a divorce and he found out afterward that she was fucking a lot of guys.  He didn’t put it together at the time, but he told me that he remembered . . . → Read More: An Interesting Cuckold Call