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Ass Chastity and a Little Possible Fun Surprise

What is today, Tuesday?  Oh yes, you all know how I love Tuesdays, haha! They have taken on a completely different meaning to me now with my current living situation. I love them! I had a nice visit with Shawn yesterday (sorry my battery died right as we were hanging up, Shawn, please accept my apologies!).  Anyhoo, he told me to go to youtube and check out the “deluxe evelstahl asslock.” Well, I did, and dayum, that thing is some serious ass play equipment. It’s actually ass play and chastity all rolled into one. Ass chastity, that is, not the other. Can you imagine? And it appears to be a really well-made piece of equipment! Not sure of the price tag, the video is in another language. But if you are into ass-play, you should seriously go check this thing out. Sounds like you’d be in heaven with it! Speaking of, it’s been wonderful having the house to ourselves so I can take calls. And the weather is cooling off a bit, so that’s good, too. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention in my last blog post, something my Pink Pantied Pet and I discovered, is that sometimes, when you call me, there is a chance that you might be in the presence of two beautiful women, if Ms. Will is here. Depending on what she’s doing (she can get really intense doing her own projects and such, and I don’t like to disturb her during those times), she might just say hi and chime in a bit! (That’s not a guarantee or a promise, but a little bonus you might luck out on if she happens to be here and not be busy.) 😉

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