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A HUGE Thank You to ALL of YOU!

On this day set aside for gratitude, I would love to thank each and every one of you for being you and for sharing this journey with me, or, allowing me to share in your journey with you! Either way, I love being your confidant, your Mistress, your friend, or maybe just the gal you follow in the blogosphere and on social media. This has been such a wonderfully erotic adventure, and it just keeps getting juicier and juicier! Every day I am meeting new people, reconnecting with folks from the past and having the time of my life while doing it. It’s a beautiful thing! You have all been my rock, my calm in the storm, my Calgon, the bell that saves me. I could go on and on. And you each bring me the very unique gift of YOU because you are all so special and mean so much to me. Whatever your particular path, no matter who you are, you bring such a unique perspective and wonderful addition to my life. And I thank you, from the bottom of my heart and gusset of my panties! Don’t ever feel like you are completely special and wonderful to me because you are! Each and every of you gives me something special and unique unto you! And I can honestly that I could not do without you. Your humor, your voice, your spark, the thing that makes you who you are, makes me happy and fills me up with joy!

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