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Happy Hump Day! Tomorrow is the big day! Fifteen free minutes for those of you who meet the requirements here. I should be around most of the day, and in actuality, the fun starts at midnight, eastern tonight! Jeez, I am trying to write this blog post, and Ms. Will is driving me crazy. She got a new toy and no, it’s not what you are thinking, but I like how dirty your minds are and that you immediately went there! I love you guys! No, what’s really going on is that she bought this crossbow last year, and she finally was able to get the damned thing put together, all by herself.  Neither my Dad nor I could help her; the savage did it all by herself! So she’s all over the house trying to find things she can use for target practice. It’s so funny to me! She was the same way with her air guns when we lived in Texas. I think she’s secretly trying to help me fulfill my “Daryl Dixon with Boobs and a Vagina” fantasies, but either way, it’s pretty adorable. She’s a good shot, too! I have a feeling she’s going to be shooting a lot of things out in the desert, but we shall see. She likes to be able to protect us. Did I tell you all about the flashlight/taser she bought us? She cracks me up! I guess we’re all ready for the zombie apocalypse! (Said with tongue firmly planted in cheek!) 😉

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