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Sexual Healing is Like a Shot of B-12

Happy Saturday! Wow, what an amazing, amazing, anniversary month this has been for all of the LDW Family! It has been such a love fest! I know we are going to close this month and this year out with a bang, I can just feel it! Let’s face it; this has been a really, really weird year. It would be so great to end it on a high note, even if just amongst ourselves. Marvin Gaye nailed it: we need sexual healing. Heck, I think we need it on a global scale, don’t you? I was visiting with Emily and kind of came of up with a tagline for how I approach calls: Get grounded. Get off. Get back in the game. And of course, by getting grounded I mean, anchored, not benched. You see, I like to be the one person with whom you can completely be yourself, and many of you know this. I don’t have any agenda except to make you feel the way you want to feel, during and after our calls. Life is hard. Being an adult is hard. And sex is such a fun and playful way to get a “shot of B12,” so to speak. As a matter of fact, of all of the many ways that adults can blow off steam, masturbation is probably one of the absolute safest ways in which to do that. And having someone to talk to about all of your secret fantasies, fetishes, desires, and dreams, all while you experience the ultimate pleasure, is pretty fucking cool!

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