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The First Ever Live Sex Show?

It’s so corny, we’re sitting in front of the fire, listening to holiday music, but the fire is on Youtube. I never thought I would do something so lame, but it doesn’t seem as lame in Southern California! I mean, if we built a fire right now, it would burn us outta here. But at night it would be nice. This is a rental though and they told us not to use the fireplace, which is kind of a bummer. So Youtube to the rescue! Ha! I do miss the smell of a fire, that’s a great smell.  Speaking of great smells, don’t you just love the smell of pussy? I know I do! It’s intoxicating! I love to smell Will after she’s worked up a sweat, just her sweaty smell, you know? I think that’s probably true for anyone who loves someone, right? I know you are going to think I am crazy, but when I work up a sweat it has a distinct perfume-y smell. It used to freak me out and it wasn’t until I became a woman that I exuded that scent, but I definitely do. Isn’t that odd? It makes me think of the biology of sex and desire, which I find so interesting! Like, did cavewomen toiling on their own to survive exude a sweet scent so the men could find them and feed them from their hunt? Of course, I would have tanked in that world, being way more into women than I am men. However, I could have been the woman on the side of the caveman’s woman, you know? How hot would that have been? The first live sex show for the cave man was two cavewomen, getting it on. I love it!

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