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Happy New Year to My LDW Family!

WOW. Last blog post of the year. I love this time of the year. It’s such a solemn time for me. I reflect back on the year and all of the mistakes that I made, and all of the things I could have done better, and all of the things that were just right. Starting in 2012 I began keeping a record each year, of what I call “Lessons Learned.” And I always love re-reading them to see just how much I have grown as a person.  I learn so much from all of you, hearing your stories, your triumphs and your tragedies, your experiences, good and bad, just every little and big thing that has been a part of your journey and has made you you. Every person is so unique, and every life touches every other life so much if we let them.  I have to say, 2017 was a trippy year, but a good one, for me personally, anyway. I know a lot of people are struggling right now, and the world is changing so fast, but, we have to have faith in each other, and that we all can be good to one another, no matter what. In my everyday life, I feel pretty misunderstood, but not by all of you, of course.  You all get me. I guess it’s because I drop my guard here. I allow myself to be known and be vulnerable and that’s always conducive to understanding. But you know what they say? Don’t waste your time trying to explain yourself to people who are committed to not understanding you. I did way too much of that in the past, but those days are behind me now. Onward and upward and here’s to a wonderful new year!  Happy New Year, everyone!

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