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Merry Christmas Eve, Everyone!

Merry Christmas Eve to all who celebrate! As you may know, I am more of a solstice kinda gal, but I enjoy joining in any festivity, really. Although, it’s just Ms. Will and I, and we will be celebrating in a quiet, sexy way; just the two of us, snuggled in front of the fire with a hot toddy or something similar. The last Christmas that we spent in Texas we drove to a beautiful resort to see how they had decorated and to have a drink by the fire in their very cozy bar.  On the drive there I realized that was how I envisioned spending holidays as a child, with my sweetheart doing fun and romantic things. I never dreamed of having kids or a big, noisy family. As a kid, I always loved the romantic Christmas songs and wanted to just have good times with my sweetheart alone together, and I feel so incredibly blessed that this is my life. It’s so easy and light, there is rarely any drama or BS. It’s just us relaxing, connecting, hanging out, enjoying beautiful vistas, and exploring new places and experiences. I love my life! I love getting to share these little moments with all of you and feel your love and support for Ms. Will and I. I love the way you encourage and engage with us. You are all so sweet and special to me! All of you, my fellow Mistresses and the amazing dispatchers and everyone in the LDW family, are all the family I could ever want or need! And I love you, and Merry Christmas to us ALL!

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