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Our Next Big Adventure!

Tomorrow we leave for our big trip! I am sooooo excited! It bears repeating that for the next couple of weeks I will be tweeting, but sadly, I won’t be able to post any pics, or do any skype sessions, because we’ll be relying on Ms. Will’s hotspot for internet and that’s only enough data for texts and emails. But unlike our crazy-ass, month-long trip to San Diego, this will only be for two weeks, and then we’ll be back to civilization and good wifi. It’s really fun to be somewhere kind of exotic, knowing that all of the unsuspecting RVers and campers have no clue what’s happening behind closed doors! It cracks me up! I love it. We’ve been busy this week packing, getting things together and checking stuff off of our lists. For those of you who may not be familiar with this area, Arizona isn’t too far, so the drive will be fairly short. And winter is the perfect time to enjoy the desert! It’s warm with cool nights and endless blue skies. It’s amazing to be so far away from civilization and be able to see the stars and the Milky Way. I’ve been to a few places in New Mexico that were like that. I hear in New Mexico there are a lot of stargazers, so they really discourage light pollution from neighboring buildings and such. I can’t wait to tell you all about our naughty adventures in the RV! Stay tuned; next blog post will be written in the wild! 😀

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