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First Blog Post of 2018!

Ahhhh, I do so love a shiny New Year! Around the 29th of December, I started to feel a shift in myself. It was a subtle thing, no one would have noticed unless I said something, which of course, I told Ms. Will, but I just started to feel really, really good and grateful for everything and how my life is just right for me right now. Sure, we’re living with my parents in between trips in the RV, but it’s a sweet time, and all of the people that truly love me and care about me are around and are in my life on a daily basis. It doesn’t get much better than that! And all of you, so sweet and good to me. I had a really fun call with Billy, aka the small penis wonder, on New Year’s Eve Eve and it was so much fun! Sadly, his girlfriend left him a few months back because of his tiny dick, but he’s making the best of it. Get this, little Billy is really good at not cumming and keeping the cum in his balls. I told him that he would be a great lover if he had a decent-sized cock, which sadly, he doesn’t. It’s only four inches, but still, he’s got other options, like getting really good at cunnilingus or finding a woman who isn’t into penetration. They do exist, I have loads of girlfriends and we talk and not every woman is into the D. That doesn’t mean she’s not into guys, she’s just not into getting fucked, necessarily.

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  • Sissy April Nicole

    I also have a very small dick 4 3/4 hard first time in years last Tuesday it got hard for morning wood so i measured it it can skrink to1/4 inch but mostly is 1 inch.I have been a crossdresser for 16 yearsand love it although i sometimes stopp and stay complete male .

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