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I Can’t Get My Mind Outta the Gutter!

Well, Ms. Will left two weeks ago today. Which means I have just one week and one day to wait until I see her again. I can hardly wait! We are going to the part of California where we think we can afford to buy some land and then we will slowly over time begin our improvements to the land (if we find something we can afford).  We will be doing this, all while still doing what we are already doing: working, saving, spending time with our respective families as time permits and traveling in the RV.  We both think it’s a sound investment because this area is so beautiful and comfortable and of course, it will always be home to me, and, it’s a very hot market, even when it slumps. Even if all we do is have a place for our RV, that will be our little piece of California heaven. We saw some gorgeous places that are super rural but just 10 minutes away from shopping and stuff, so it would definitely work for us. But you know, I am approaching all of this with extreme trepidation. I don’t want to get roped into something again. Ha! And just the use of the word “rope” makes my kinky, Mistress mind go there! Hahaha! I swear you can’t turn the dirty off. It’s always there. But I sure came by it honestly. My whole family is so dirty-minded it cracks me up! You know what they say, the apple don’t fall far from the tree! 😉

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