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My Dirty Mind is Taking Over

Ha! Today’s date is also the same as the year! I like the number 8, it’s infinity standing up (hehe, standing up, see what I did there?)! 😉  I have a good feeling about this year. I don’t know why. It’s just a hunch. Haha, and when I wrote hunch just now I accidentally wrote “hung,” like my dirty hands just go there, and when I wrote hands just now they actually typed the word “hangs!” Sheesh! Must be all of that talk about little Billy’s little peen. He’s fun to talk to! I did tell him that he can be a great friend to women and just do things for them and of course, as all men with little dicks do, they are great for comic relief! Men with small dicks really do have a place in this world; too bad for them it’s just not inside of a pussy! Oh, and I had a lovely text session with someone whose fantasy parallels sweet Emily’s in that he wanted to trade his bottom half with mine for the day. I swapped myself with Ms. Will because I have no desire to have a penis and love having a pussy very, very much, but Ms. Will loves the idea of having a dick, so that worked for us. It was really fun! I just love seeing what you come up with (hehe). It never ceases to amaze me all of the different fantasies and fetishes and kinks and quirks everyone has!

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8 comments to My Dirty Mind is Taking Over

  • Gibson

    Nope, I too vote for your fabulous ladyparts staying right where they are….

  • Courtney

    I like this vote.

  • michael

    In my mind there is nothing that makes a small guy feel weaker and more submissive than when a female talks directly or indirectly of her attraction to “well sized” males. It is the stuff of party jokes but I think there is a real biologic reality to it. Tiny endowed males at are female mercy and both parties know it. When you are tiny your get excited just do be a “friend” to women and you (I think) develop fetishes and excitement at the idea of working for women. I think it is all connected any maybe biological?

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Your partner wants to have a dick she can have mine
    I dont use it any more.Believe it or not i do get pussy sometimes even though i am Microsoft.

  • Courtney

    Too bad it doesn’t work like that!

  • Courtney

    I certainly wouldn’t doubt it, Michael. Natural selection?

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Yes but i signed up to be an organ domer

  • Courtney

    Very noble of you, Sissy April Nicole!

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