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I’m Alone Today and Almost All of Tomorrow, Let’s Play!

My folks are going to be out of town until tomorrow evening around 10 pm eastern. So, I am going to have a lot of time to play all day and into the evening tonight, all day tomorrow, and well into that evening as well. So, let’s play! I have been missing all of you so much. I think about you when we can’t be together; something will remind me of you, something we talked about, or even just a word that we’ve shared. It’s wild! So let’s catch up! I could certainly use some company! ┬áSo what are your weekend plans? Like I said, I plan to spend the majority of the weekend with all of you! I may not be around on Sunday, but then again, my folks almost always have something they want to go do. Oftentimes I leave them to it so I can have a little privacy to take calls. It’s amazing how different we can feel from one day to the next. I was feeling so down on Tuesday and I feel very hopeful and upbeat today. Life is so weird. I actually watched a four-minute trailer for a video and it posits that we are living in a computer simulation. I am super excited to see it! It’s so interesting to me. So what we’ve been calling sacred geometry in nature is really like a computer code. The format of the video is a panel of scientists, physicists, and philosophers. I think it might have been the Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate for 2016, but you can check it out on Youtube if you’re interested. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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