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Saturday Night I Will Be As Free As a Bird!

Ahhh, Friday is here at last! Actually, weekends for me are kind of bittersweet, because while I am spending precious time with my family, I am missing out on time spent with you, and that’s kind of a bummer for us both. However, tomorrow my parents are having company and I like to give them their space and stay out in the RV while they entertain. Soooo, I will have Saturday evening all to myself to talk dirty to you and/or boss you around. Haha. I crack myself up! It’s funny because in my day-to-day life when dealing with others and just basically being, I come off as cool, aloof, and Ms. Will even used the words “kind of snobby” to describe me. She told me this when we first met, like on our second date, and that she liked girls that look like that, but was super intrigued with me when she found out I wasn’t like that. It still cracks me up, because I am so not like that, but unless you engage with me, you would have no way of knowing that I am this crazy-ass, kinky, freewheeling, irreverent, goofball who loves to laugh and hang out with people as silly and as weird as me! And guess what? You all are some of my very favorite people to hang out with! And believe me, I am sooooo selective about the people that I choose to spend time with. If I like you, and believe me, if it didn’t you would know it, then you are definitely a cool person to hang with!

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