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Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

Awwww! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! I don’t like to dwell too much on the questionable and/or possibly dark reasons why certain holidays exist, but rather, I like to just celebrate for my own reasons. And because of that, I love a holiday centered around love. Call me a hopeless romantic. I love love. And it’s a great time to share the love with everyone that you do love, romantically or not! I definitely love all of my LDW Family! And that is actually our focus this year: to be even more loving to ourselves, most of all. It’s difficult to find that voice, that way, that path. When you are being everyone’s anchor sometimes you don’t realize that you are drowning! And that is exactly what was happening to Ms. Will and me, and even after the sale of the house, it continued to happen because DUH, we added my parents to the mix! Oy Vey! Only, they are super vibrant, glowing, young, and healthy. When we are here it is still their life, not ours. Not entirely. So, being alone will be grand! And we are going to one of my favorite towns in the southwest. So, all is well! I am going to have loads (hehe!) more time to talk dirty! And I love that! I miss you all so much when I can’t sign in because of some such reason. It sucks. I worry that you will have some juicy news you want to share with me, or an even juicier fantasy or confession. I hate to keep you waiting! 😉

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2 comments to Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

  • Best. Line. Ever. “I love love.” I agree with you — I’m a hopeless romantic too — and love the amazing woman at LDW — we are Mistresses and friends. That often surprises people that we are this “tight” with one another. And, including our very special callers in our love and our kinky, naughty “family” — yep! We do that too: Great blog post.

  • Courtney

    Awwww! I am hearing this song in my mind: “Can you feel the love tonight?” We are one huge, happy, kinky family and I FUCKING LOVE US!

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