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Oh, I almost forgot, I was going to tell you what I found out there in the city of “people selling everything under the sun”! I saw this guy that thought he was in a western: walking around town in a long, cowboy coat and a cowboy hat, with long hair, doing his best José Eber, no doubt in an attempt to get laid. But in this town? It’s a bunch of cotton heads! And he was just walking around this gas station like he was the shit. I was laughing sooooo hard! And as they say in France, he was à pied (on foot).  Which means, he was walking all over town in that ridiculous get-up trying to get someone’s grandma back to his place. I was laughing soooo hard, Y’all! And the funniest part of all is? It probably TOTALLY WORKS. On another note, there was a biker supply tent that was called Potlikker and that completely cracked me up! (They had a Harley sign that said, “Don’t ask to ride my bike and I won’t ask to ride your wife.” Haha!) I just crack up with this place! It’s amazing how silly people get when they are on a permanent vacation. It’s kind of infectious and addicting, I have to say. You see a lot of people laughing and smiling and just having a great time all around. I totally feel like this “home is where you roam” life has a way of short-circuiting the need to participate in so-called normal life and I fucking love it! I will report more later, we’re going to be here for a month! Wheeee!

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