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Weekend Fun and Frivolity!

Just a heads up, this weekend is going to be crazy! My parents are having an out-of-town of guest so we will be staying in and focusing on cleaning, organizing and packing up the RV. I love it when my phone rings and I get a break to talk to you, though! It’s a great way to pepper my day with just the right amount of fun and naughtiness! All of that being said, I may actually be more available than I usually am on the weekends, since I will be in my own private space. I’m not entirely sure of the logistics and timing since it involves people outside of my little family circle of Ms. Will and I. But the chances that I will have more time this weekend are very possible! We are going to TRY to head out late on the 13th, so we can wake up in the RV and actually be somewhere beautiful on Valentine’s Day morning! How cool is that? It’s our Valentine gift to each other: being somewhere alone. I am so happy that we are taking this time. But of course, I ALWAYS bring you with me! I can’t go ANYWHERE without all of you! Soooo, what big adventures do you have coming up that you are looking forward to? Any big travel plans? There is a very slight chance that we may actually keep heading either south or east, but the jury is still out on the that one. It all remains to be seen and it depends on how hot it gets. We might not be able to stand the heat! Although, hot weather has been known to make me VERY HORNY. 

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