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OMG, I am sitting here in the RV park trying to write this blog post, and these two dudes are talking so loudly, I can hear every word they are saying. Sheesh! I had to shut the window and there was a beautiful breeze blowing through the rig. Of course,  the second I close the window, the second dude leaves. Ahhhh, life is funny like that! The season here is winding down and people are leaving to go to cooler climes. But in southern AZ, it’s still really pretty until around mid-May. Then, boy howdy, you better get on home to a cooler place! I heard it gets up to 130 degrees here! But I’ll tell you what, this desert calls to me! Right now, Ms. Will is looking for a new Jeep-like thing we can buy to replace our little car. I want to go explore untouched (hehe!) land and see cool things! That’s what people do here, they have the little Polaris things and they go out off-roading and it looks super fun! I would love to do that. We did it a few times when I was a kid, but not enough to satisfy my taste. I love being out in nature. I can guarantee you this, when we do finally get to do that, we are going to have a blast! I want to off-road topless, and I don’t mean with the top down, I mean with my top down. Talk about bounce your boobies! Oh, speaking of, if you ever find yourself with a lady in the city of Tucson, you simply must take her driving down a street called Valencia. It takes you to a casino and we have lovingly named it, “Bounce Your Boobie Highway.”  It’s CRAZY! (But it may have just been like that for us because we were in the RV, so your gal’s boob bounceage may vary!) 😉

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