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Our New Rewards Program and My Dirty Mind!

Okay, before I forget, we have a new rewards program! It’s, and you can find out all about it by visiting the website. I believe that every person who has ever called has a balance already, but I am not one hundred percent sure of that, so please do your own digging to see what your rewards balance is. I think It’s a great idea! Why not reward our loyal callers with more calls! Makes sense to me! Okay, we’re kind of grooving on this weird little town, so even when we were supposed to leave the RV park, we are going to hang out in the desert off-grid. Not too off-grid, I will still be able to take calls, just not do any skype-webcam-viewing things. I’m not sure when that capability will return, as we will be on limited data usage for the duration going forward. I am really sorry about that, but sadly the technology for internet “on the go” hasn’t caught up to the demand. Enough of the details, I want to tell you about this crazy town full of old men! Ha! We went browsing at a flea market and I saw a magnifying thing that you wear on your head (to make jewelry and such) and it said “headband magnifier.” Well, I read, “husband magnifier” at first glance. Then I started laughing so hard! His dick is so small his wife needs a “husband magnifier” to see it! I have so many more funny stories to tell you. It was a cock tease bonanza at the restaurant tonight, more on that later!

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