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Some Exciting News!

Happy Saturday! It’s been a great week! We found a new (to us) RV that we think we are going to be loads happier living in. It’s about 7 feet longer (that’s what she said!) and it has a slide-out. Of course, we have to make it our own, and the mechanic isn’t going to check on it until Sunday, but we put a deposit down on it. It’s in remarkable shape for as old as it is. And it’s our first diesel. It drives like a dream! I am super excited. It has everything we ever wanted in an RV once we knew such things were available (self-leveling jacks and a central vacuum, for instance). So, I think life in it will be much more harmonious. We have had a few rough nights, I’m not gonna lie. But those are always great because of the make-up sex. Oh, and then there’s angry sex, which is also pretty intense. Needless to say, living in such cramped space is a bitch on your relationship. And, as some of you know, we began this journey on pretty thin ice, to begin with. Sooooo, I think more space to spread out and with everything having its own place will be good for us. It has a REAL KITCHEN. I can’t even believe it. It’s small, but it feels like a kitchen in a house. So, please cross your collective fingers (haha!) that it passes the mechanic’s test. I am pretty sure it will. Of course, I promise to always keep y’all in the loop–you are my people! 😉

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4 comments to Some Exciting News!

  • Gibson

    Poor Bessie, about to be dumped like a lazy husband….

  • Sissy April Nicole

    That is so nice i wish both of you the best.My brother had motor home and i forgot if he sold it or not it was a Ford Triton not a diesel. Maybe if you make your way to Florida you can check out Paradise Lakes Nudist Resort

  • Courtney

    Thank you! We’re super excited!

  • Courtney

    Awwww, shes’s a good girl and she’s gonna be the new owner’s pride and joy! We still love her so much.

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