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Come Spend this Weekend with Us!

Yipppeee! YAY! She’s home! And all is right with the world again. I plan to be around for calls all weekend long, though, and since I’ve had to take some downtime, I could really use the company. Besides, you all have to think of Ms. Will as my manager, because she kind of is. I make money, and she manages it (along with her own money she brings to the table). So when you call me, she loves it! She’s not a jealous person, she dated girls in the sex industry before (ironically, lots of sex workers are bisexual or lesbian). When she hears my phone ring and listens to me get you off, it turns her on to know that I do that, and that I can do that. Because as much as most of you would love spend time with me in person, and in the nude, she’s the only one that gets to actually do that. And I think it makes her feel special. So please, do not ever think you are interrupting. If she’s here, and not busy, you might get a hello from her. She’s a sweetheart and I am so proud of her.  (Can you tell I’m thrilled she’s home?) Rest assured, in between sessions, we will be canoodling and catching up and just enjoying each other. Please know this: you are like the spice of life for us! We like to pepper good phone sex sessions all over our time together. If I didn’t want to work, I wouldn’t sign on. See how easy that is? 😉

Phone Sex Goddess Femdom Mistress Courtney
Twitter @CourtneyControls

4 comments to Come Spend this Weekend with Us!

  • What an awesome relationship you have Ms Courtney. Ms Will sounds like the best manager anyone can have, and everything else she does too. She is open minded and doesnt care if you talk to boys on the phone. Yep she is special. Tell her I told you so! Welcome home .

  • Gibson

    In case you check comments ahead of e-mail, here’s your annual reminder:
    Hurray! Hurray!
    The first of May
    Outdoor sex begins today!!

  • Courtney

    YAY! I am looking forward to it!

  • Courtney

    You are such a sweetheart, Ms. Cassandra! We have to meet you! She said, “Awwww, that was sweet!”

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