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Ahhhh, Sunday. My favorite day. Sundays were just pure torture when I was a child. We had to go to church TWICE. It was torture. But since Ms. Will and I are big heathens, Sunday has typically been the day we make love off and on all day, the day we day drink, the day we just hang out and enjoy each other, so those amazingly pleasurable Sundays completely replaced my ill-feelings toward Sunday’s leftover from my childhood. No wonder the people from my childhood avoid me, I am such a naughty girl! And I played so innocent in church; everyone thought I was an angel. Oh man, if they could see me now, they would freak out. Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I don’t care what others think of me. I love my life, and I love how Ms. Will and I have, and are, sculpting it to be EXACTLY what we want and love. Our circle is small (present company notwithstanding, my LDW Family is growing by leaps and bounds!), but it’s quality over quantity. And the people that have been washed away either by their choice or mine, I don’t miss them at all. I wish them well, I release them in love, but my life right now feels pretty fucking amazing. It took a fuckton (yes, that is a *real* measurement) of hard work and sacrifice, but it’s paying off BIG TIME now. And I could not be fucking happier, and sure as shit couldn’t have done any of it without all of YOU! So HUGE thank yous to EVERYONE in my LDW Family: the Mistresses, the Dispatchers, the Behind-the-Scenes Gals and of course, those of you who CARE about me and call to check in on me. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

Phone Sex Goddess Femdom Mistress Courtney
Twitter @CourtneyControls