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Finality Can Be a Beautiful Thing and Fingers Feel Amazing

You know we get so wrapped up in all of our gadgets and widgets and sex toys and shit. And you know what is really sexy? Just getting back to basics and kicking it old school with your fingers. I have been having such a great time playing with my pussy and pretending that it’s Ms. Will’s fingers and not mine. Damn! I really like to do in the morning, give myself a wonderful orgasm and think of her. How corny, right? But she’s a damn good lover and I miss her pony butt! I am going to be so fucking happy to have her back in my arms and back in my bed where she belongs! I am so happy we came to this decision to put us first. I only allowed this nonsense to go on because I thought it was what she wanted and I was trying to be a loving and supportive spouse. It was never about her family, I haven’t given a good god damn about them ever since I met them. I could see through them all from day one, but I was kind, and respectful and sociable with them out of respect for Ms. Will. It was NEVER out of a sense of love for them, I have lost no love on them. Thank Goddess the charade is over. And, I told Ms. Will that we will leave the past in the past and move forward, but, no one from her family is welcome in our home, not this one, and not the sticks and bricks I know we will eventually have. She seemed genuinely happy about that compromise. And I know I am.

PS–California is back on the table! (More about that later!)

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2 comments to Finality Can Be a Beautiful Thing and Fingers Feel Amazing

  • Yes indeed, you are do in love with Ms Will, nothing else really matters. Who cares what family think anyways. Just be you and love, love, love. I love your honest and up front posts Ms Courtney. Stay happy, girl!

  • Courtney

    Thank you, Ms. Cassandra! I know how real you are and so this coming from you means a lot to me!

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