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Well, we traversed “Bounce Your Boobies Highway,” and it’s not the same in the new rig. It turns out; it was the shitty suspension in the old gas RV. It’s kinda sad actually, I really enjoyed doing that! Ha! If you follow me on Twitter, you know that Ms. Will and I have had a bitch of a week. As usual, I will spare you the oh-so boner-killing details, but we are back in business and I am taking calls as we speak! Sheesh! But I have to say, it’s still been fun! We saw two lakes yesterday, one we would definitely tackle, and one we probably won’t, but it’s still beautiful. We almost made it to Mexico, but since Ms. Will is leaving very soon, and, she will be gone for a few weeks, we decided to save that for another time. When you try to squeeze too much (Gawd, I have such a dirty mind!) into your stay, it doesn’t make it more enjoyable; it makes you stressed out and tired. I have missed you all so much! It’s been ages since I was forced to stay away from talking dirty for so many days! I hate it when that happens. But like I said, we are all set up in a nice and shady place, and we will be here until mid-May or so. Then we’re off to cooler weather and the mountains, I hope! OMG, I almost forgot! You Giantess lovers, you HAVE to see the movie “Downsizing,” with Matt Damon.  We loved it!

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