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Well, Ms. Will has been gone for over 24 hours. We had some great bonding time together before she left. Now, I am all alone in a city where I literally know no one. But the place where I am staying is a really nice place with great views and wonderful shopping and dining very close by, even though it feels like we are far away from all of that city stuff. But DAYUM, it has been so windy! I am going to use this time while Will is away to really make this place ours. Right now as I write this, I almost have a 180 degree panoramic view of the mountains and trees because there are so many windows in this new rig! I think the sweet old guys in this park are having a lot of fun watching me putz around in here with all of the shades thrown up. Ms. Will is a lot more private than I am, so she likes to keep them closed. But I’m like, hey, let me give the old peckers something to look at! Ha! Speaking of peckers, I sure have been missing all of you! I’m sorry I’ve been so hard (hehe) to get a hold of, but like any move, it has not come without its difficulties. But things are looking better and better every day. And, having a very sexy excuse to stop nesting, by that I mean, having some sexy time with you on the phone, always makes me very happy! 😀

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