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Wow. First Saturday all alone in the new RV. It’s kinda cool, I won’t lie. I am really feeling settled here like I used to feel in my actual sticks and bricks house. I was making something the other day and I couldn’t get the drawer in the kitchen open because I FORGOT I WAS IN AN RV and not in a house! Can you imagine? Then Ms. Will said, “Court, you gotta lift up and pull,” and I was so embarrassed but kind of happy that I could have that feeling in here. It’s so damn pretty, guys. And when I experience beauty, it makes me feel sexy. I think that’s a woman thing. It’s why women love beauty so much, it speaks to us. And some of you naughty fellas have been using my RV Life as a spring board for some pretty raunchy, truck stop fantasies! I love it! Grist for the mill, right? I am just so fucking happy! In the old RV, I NEVER FORGOT I WAS IN AN RV, like, EVER. Right now the sun looks so beautiful on the trees blowing in the breeze and the shadows on the mountains are simply gorgeous! I love to think of mountains as beautiful women’s bodies lying down in the nude. Somewhere in New Mexico there is a sleeping lady and you can see her long hair and her boobs and everything. Nature turns me on so much, can you tell? 😉 One of my very favorite songs is called, “I’m in Love with Mother Nature” by a lesbian jazz duo named Zrazy. You should check it out!

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