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She’s Coming Home TODAY!

Have you missed me? I miss me! I am going to level with you fellas and sissies and everyone I missed, haha. I am going through some stuff. Ms. Will and I are sooooo connected that I can’t tell if I am having empathy for her or I am genuinely unwell. That said, I had to take some time to rest and recoup and that’s why you haven’t seen me around much. I truly think the stress of our living situation finally got us both down. We won’t know the results of her tests until sometime today, but, there is good news! She is coming home to me today, too! Then we can really get down to the business of us and healing us: individually, as a couple, body, mind and spirit. And we are in a great city to do that, which a huge bonus. Depending on Ms. Will’s test results, if it’s something serious we will leave AZ and head to Santa Fe, where there are lots of good things going on with regard to total wellness and it won’t get bitch-ass hot for a while (and yes, bitch-ass hot it a total term for certain degrees Fahrenheit!). But if her tests are good, I want to see my Mom in CA for Mother’s Day. But don’t worry, I always keep you posted.  On a sexy note, I’ve been recouping while resting and re-watching Sex and the City. There is a funny story arc I totally forgot about when Samantha dates a man with a small penis! That show is hilarious. I like it even more the second go around knowing how it all ends. 🙂

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2 comments to She’s Coming Home TODAY!

  • I used to love Sex and the City. The whole series was written by a gay man, and he IS Samantha…lol. Anyways, I hope Ms Wills tests come back perfect. Santa Fe is a very healing place and ABQ isn’t bad either, it’s not all Walter White vibe. Lots of artsy people, and I have been thinking of moving there myself!

  • Courtney

    I love ABQ! Alas, we are headed south for healing and then to SF! Thanks, Ms. Cassandra! MUAH!

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