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I’m Baaaaack! YAY!

Well, we made it. We are back in the US after Ms. Will’s treatment abroad and boy, oh, boy am I one happy Mistress! It feels so good to be back home, in more ways than one. And to those of you who may be worried about me, because of the recent development with Will’s health, please know this: I am a survivor, and I will be fine, no matter what happens. I’m not so sure about Will, poor thing. She has had some pretty bad habits all of her life, the number one habit being putting all things and all people ahead of herself. Sadly, I don’t see this changing, and as such, it is getting increasingly more and more difficult for me to see much of a future for her. I have tried and tried (in vain, apparently) to lead by example, but like I said, it seems to have all been for naught and to no avail, tragically. Ironically, she actually blames me for her illness. But placing blame is a thing with her. I thought it was intrinsic to her family of origin, and not at all true for her, but, and this has hit me really hard: she needs a scapegoat and I am the one bearing the brunt for this. I have to say, I am honestly not surprised. Like I said, it’s a pattern that I’ve watched bear out again and again not only with Ms. Will, but her family of origin. Sigh. What can I do? I will tell you what: I am going to do my dead-level best to make her absolutely comfortable, and cared for during this time. I haven’t loved her this long just to give up now! I love her no matter who she thinks I am, I always have and I always will. I know the truth.

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2 comments to I’m Baaaaack! YAY!

  • Welcome home Ms Courtney!!!!I noticed you were not on and Im happy to see you. I always believe that anyone can make a turnabout in their life, and I believe Ms Will can do this too. But in the meantime, no matter what happens, know you are loved by her, me, and this whole dam company. I mean it!

  • Courtney

    I know you do, Ms. Cass and I cherish your love so much! We both feel so damned lucky to be in the arms of LDW! LONG LIVE KINK AND KINK LOVERS EVERYWHERE! 😉

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