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Keeping it Real by Keeping You Up-to-Date

Well, I have been putting off writing this blog, since it’s not really the greatest of news. But, in the interest of transparency, and authenticity, I feel I must be completely honest with you. Ms. Will came home an entire week early, but it’s because she wanted to tell me in person that she does not have a clean bill of health. In the interest of keeping it real, yet keeping it sexy, I am going to spare you the diagnosis. However, I will tell you that we are going to see a specialist beginning on Monday. We will be there in treatment for three weeks. I will have good wifi, but absolutely NO WAY to take calls unless they are via skype. Also, I will be devoting everything I have to being a support to her, so I may not be around much, it’s hard to say until we get there. If I do have some downtime, which could happen, I am going to venture into the world of Second Life (yay!). Right now we are in an RV park just outside of CA, and tomorrow we will be heading back to my folks for the weekend. I hope to get back to as normal of a schedule as I can once we get through this, but every three months we will have to go back for check-ups, so this may be my life for a while. I know you all would understand. Please feel free to write us, comment on my blog, whatever you wish to do to show us encouragement and support, we really feel your love! And it means so much to us both. Thank you all for your love, support and encouragement, you all are the BEST!

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