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Can I just say, I am so fucking grateful for all of you. I can be real with you, and I can be myself with you. I am not just talking my lovely, very sexy callers, I mean Mistresses, lurkers, dispatchers, ANYONE who loves and supports me enough to read my blog on the regular. YOU ALL ARE MY ROCK. I swear to the Goddesses you are. As far as Ms. Will goes?  Perhaps it’s easier for her to have a villain right now. I guess I can see that. When people feel weak, they need someone to blame, it’s a hallmark of the disempowered. I totally get that. What I can tell you, for sure, is that I am going to need you now more than ever. When I call you my Calgon, I mean it. You are my yoga, my meditation, my nice glass of cabernet, and, (I can say this because I am in California!) my good, long, hard toke of Mary Jane. It’s killing me to see her so frail and not herself right now. But when I am with you, I think of you and only you. I just had a lovely call with sissy lesbian, and it was so fucking relaxing and enjoyable, I fucking loved it! I dressed her to the nines, sexy black dress and all. We went to a seaside restaurant and canoodled under the table. On our limo ride back we shared a bottle of Cristal and then when we got home, I fucked her soooooo good. It was AMAZING. And you know what? I was so in it, I just savored every fucking second. See how good you are for me and to me? I love you and I am so grateful to all of you for keeping me, me. But most importantly, for seeing the real me, and, for being there for me. And from here on out? This blog is for recounting SEXY TIMES with you!* Stay tuned! 😀

*ONLY if you given me the green light to do, of course! 😉

Phone Sex Goddess Femdom Mistress Courtney
Twitter @CourtneyControls