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Got to Love Dear Old Dad

I found a GREAT article that is hilarious and informative, written by a gay man, about what to expect when you get fucked in the ass for the first time. I am going to have to post it, but I have to go find it and right now I’m doing this so…’ll have to wait! BUT, hehe, I really wanted to share it with my Mom, because she would really get a big laugh out of it. The policing part of my brain pretty much shuts this down immediately, even though it’s just us girls and it would have been fine, but still, maybe not the best topic. Well, apparently I was dead wrong, because later on that night, my Dad made us all red beans and rice for dinner.  Mom had had a couple of glasses of wine, and I swear she will not shut up about how good the sausage is! We’re all making polite dinner conversation and she keeps mentioning the sausage. My Dad finally can’t resist that temptation and quips, “I’m really glad you like my sausage!” Then she chimes in, “Well, ever since we moved to CA you’ve been buying that crazy-ass sausage!” By now, I am crying with laughter and I say, “Well, I wasn’t going to mention this, BUT, I just have to share this article about getting butt-fucked for the first time with you!” Yes, these are my parents, Ladies and Gentleman! No policing necessary, just come right out and say it! 😉

Happy Father’s Day Motherfuckers! (And if you are a Dad, you are a true Motherfucker!)

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