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Keeping it Real, Keeping it Sexy, with YOUR HELP!

Today is the day we head toward the place we will spend the summer and part of the fall, with any luck. We’re heading to the mountains in Arizona on some land my cousin and her partner own. It’s going to be so fun because it’s like a micro, mini-lesbian getaway. My cousin and a lot of her friends went in together to buy up a few parcels in the mountains and plan to retire here. But until then (they range in age, some are closer to that and some are way far away), they do like to come up here to get out of the Texas heat. Best news of all, we are close enough to Ms. Will’s family to be there in a few hours’ drive, which isn’t bad at all. And I will get to do one of my favorite things: be naked in nature! Yep, you guessed it, the loosely-defined lesbian compound is clothing-optional! How fucking cool is that!? We are really going to take our time getting there, since sweet Will is on the mend, and, of course, we are facing triple-digit temps along the way, OF COURSE. Haha! But hey, if you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you KNOW the heat makes me insanely horny. And since my sweetie is not well, I NEED YOU ALL TO HELP ME STAY WET AND HOT. Okay? This Mistress needs all of the body worship, servitude and just general attention you’ve got! Let’s DO THIS. This is gonna be a weird few months coming up, but we will all get through it together!

PS – I miss my sweet Katie Rose! Girl, you need to call me! I’m sorry I missed you the other night!

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2 comments to Keeping it Real, Keeping it Sexy, with YOUR HELP!

  • It is beautiful up here in No.Az even though it reached 101 degrees today. Being naked in nature is absolutely where I love to go. I have a hidden spot where I hike. Next to it is a wash which is usually pooling up in areas but this year it’s dry. Being naked here is the best, but no water is not. Happy trails Ms Courtney!

  • Courtney

    Thank you so much, Ms. Cass! Here’s to even more fun adventures in the future! Hopefully we can catch up and have some fun on that hike!

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