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Laughter and Sex: Seriously Potent Medicine

Sooo, it’s been a VERY interesting ride around here. My parents are the funniest, sweetest people I know, besides Will. And they are helping us so much and making me LAUGH! Which is good. I need to laugh. Ms. Will not so much, she needs rest and quiet and peace. But I, on the other hand, am being nurtured and loved very well by not only all of YOU, but by my loving friends and family. And yes, Doug, I am looking at you specifically, you sweet and caring lover. You are a truly great person to talk to in a time like this, you are so real and authentic. And to my Katie Rose, I just had the loveliest conversation with you and you are just a delightfully genuine caring person, too. I feel so blessed to know you.  And I don’t know if the sexy guy from Pittsburgh, who shall remain nameless because I forgot to ask him if he would be cool with a blog mention, but…you have a honey badger t-shirt and you REALLY helped this girl out! Seriously! There is nothing more healing than sex. Well, perhaps a good meal, some sunshine and sleep, but sex is waaaay up there for me! How about you? I know, I know, sometimes life is so hard that that is literally the last thing on your mind. But you know what my Mom’s best marriage advice is? Argue naked. I think that is HILARIOUS! Speaks volumes about my upbringing, no? I asked her, “Why didn’t you tell me this when Will and I got married!?” She retorts, “I don’t know how two girls work!” Hahahaha! Funny Mama! 😀

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