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Sexual Healing: STAT!

Ahhhh, all is well in the land of Courtney and Ms. Will. She’s still sick, but she’s taking potent medicine and sleeping as I write this. We are housesitting for my parents who will return day after tomorrow. Sweet Ms. Will is sleeping blissfully and I am writing this blog. I will post it tomorrow morning, but right now, it’s night time. I am listening to good music and sipping a nice beverage, just enjoying the calm joy of this moment. I just had THE most delightful call with a gentleman who absolutely LOVES COCK. We talked for an hour and I loved hearing all about his love of cock, cum, sucking and getting fucked. I’m tellin’ ya, LDW to the rescue, again! I know what we are going through is hard, but my sweet Gibson (Happy Anniversary, Baby! MUAH! It’s still today here in CA! So I can say this!) called just to check in on us. Then day before yesterday my precious Irving called to do the same. I feel so damned lucky. But hey, Mistresses deserve all of the love in the world, right? I am claiming it, baby! If I am going to be strong enough to pull Will through this, I will draw my strength, love and sexy from all of you. Nice work if you can get it, as the song says! And I feel so incredibly blessed to have you ALL. YOU ROCK! I honestly just love how good you are to me. Sex is so healing, no? I just love a good, hard healing fuck! 😀

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