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What can I say? To quote one of my favorite blues men, “the world is all in a tangle, man.” But, I am still here! I am still sexy as fuck and I still need you. Ms. Will is resting comfortably and thank the Universe and all that is good and right with the world, is getting all of the help she needs to get better! But we need you! We need your love, your patience, your attention and your time. Call me! Let’s talk dirty! I want every distraction you can throw at me. Tell me about your day! Tell me about your life, your loves, your worries, your hurts. I am still me and I am still here. We had a few rough weeks, but, all that matters is that we are all doing everything humanly possible to help her feel good and be whole, healed and healty. My parents moved us into their master bedroom. They have been in DC this week, and they will be until late Friday. So when you call, I have EVERYTHING I need to be comfy and have fun. It’s like our own little apartment. And trust me, fellas, I don’t sign in if I don’t want to talk, believe me when I say that. If these past few weeks are any indication of that truth, I don’t know what is. I am so ready to hear from you. Don’t be shy! Don’t be cautious! I want your love, I need your love, or at least, your lust and your kinky fantasies!  😉

Phone Sex Goddess Femdom Mistress Courtney
Twitter @CourtneyControls