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I’m feeling very Hemingway today, so bear with me. I miss you all so much. Ms. Will is going to live. But I am struggling here. Living here in California is interesting, to say the least. “This could be heaven and this could be hell.” I am mostly humbled and grateful, but I have been inventing a whole plethora of insults and put-downs, so, if you are into that, give me a call. I am trying to maintain a sense of peace, but it’s not easy. I feel super good about being around for dirty talk,  because, like I said, Ms. Will is going to be just fine. I need a break from this world, this life, this existence.  And you, my dear, sweet, sexy you, you are my respite. You are my calm in the storm.  So, that having been said: call me. I want to hear all about your life, your woes, your devils and your deeds. Let’s rumble, let’s tumble, let’s pretend we’re someone else. Let’s Get Lost. Let’s make love, let’s make war, let’s set the world on fire. I am raw, I am intense, I am sex embodied. I love with everything that I am, and I hate that way, too. So let’s play. Let’s engage. Let’s make the magic happen, however it does, however it will. It’s been a long, strange, magical trip and I get the feeling that it’s just the beginning. I hope you all are feeling as hopeful and as crisp as I am on this early September Sunday.

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