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It’s been a long-time comin’.  I am here. Will is here. We are all still here. That’s good news, right? Summer is winding down and I couldn’t be happier,  except, I will be losing this crazy heat and gaining a backyard? I sure hope so. I wish I could  give you a definite time as to when I will be on and what I will be doing, but I just can’t. The fact that I am on today is a minor miracle, okay, not really, but you understand what I mean when I say that. Let’s see, what are the upsides to my life right now? Pretty nails, mine of course. Pretty toenails, also mine. Safe place to live, good friends in not (too) faraway places when things get weird. Will is definitely going through some major shit, but she just doesn’t seem to want to grieve. I don’t really blame her. We have all been holding our breath with regard to her Step-Dad for far too long. He made his transition on August 25th, same day as McCain. I joked with Will that all of the flags flying at half-staff were in honor of her Dad and, bless her heart, she believed me. So it’s been really odd around here. But, life is good, as good as it can be. I am signed on right now, so that’s a win for sure. I found some lipstick I love and have been religious about wearing it. I love how it makes me feel when I wear it, I love how it makes me feel when you call.

Phone Sex Goddess Femdom Mistress Courtney
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