I’ve been listening to a lot of Mary Lambert, she’s a genius. I love the song  Ribcage, in particular. If you have called me recently and I have acted in an odd way, or in a way that made you feel like anything other than how you wish to feel during your time with me, I truly apologize. I am going through a lot right now, but Winston Churchill said it best, “When you are going through hell: keep going;” I’m not the biggest fan of Churchill but I am not, not a fan, I honestly just don’t care. When I am my most raw and real and vulnerable, I feel the most able to show up in the myriad of ways that I do for all of you, my gentle and rough-riding friends and readers, Mistresses and lurkers. I had a super low moment, the night before last, and I, once again, waved the white flag and got so much love and support, it was literally spilling out of my eyes and onto this keyboard. I feel so insanely loved and blessed to have all of my LDW Family here with me, always. What a family, what a home. What a beautiful thing we can create when we allow, just allow, just breathe, just let everyone be whom they wish to be. That’s the most incredible gift of humanity one could possibly give to another. Love is patient, love is kind. My love, she keeps me warm. She keeps me warm…and you, you all do. I could not love you more, even if I tried, even if I wanted to, which I most assuredly, do not. Be your perfectly imperfect and kinky selves: I promise I will do the same in honesty and authenticity and love.

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