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Ahhhhh, I love September, but I love October more. You know why? International Courtney Love Day is in October! Oh, you haven’t heard of it? International Courtney Love, Loves Herself Day? Oh yeah, it’s in October, big time. Stay tuned. In other news, my very un-favorite show, because, you know, who kills off a child two weeks before he turns 18 so they can pay him less, asshole AMC. Of course, I am speaking of the Walking Dead, which returns for another craptastic season, in which they will kill off none other than the Grimey and oh-so-sexy Mr. Grimes, and then milk the motherfucking franchise for more mo’nay! YES. I said MONAY. As in Monay Monay, I said, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, CAUSE YOU MAKE ME FEEL! Okay, I spent waaaaaaaaaay too much time cruising for chicks in Long Beach and hanging with my friends listening to shitty 80s music. Yes, Diane is stll fucking AMAZING. Tits and ass for days, bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. And her new black hubby? Well, let’s just say let’s just say he cooks. And the spread? It was a sexy spread, to say the least. There were some artichokes. Some artichoke hearts…Walter White was there…no lie. But I’ve already said too much. Want more details? Call me. Let’s dish. A good southern girl ALWAYS SPILLS THE BEANS. ;p

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