Happy Coming Out Day! I am so happy to be writing this blog post. I wanted to do a HUGE blowout this weekend for this holiday, however, I have lost my phone. I have looked all over the bedroom and no go. I am so disgusted with myself, I feel like I need a flogging. However, I called the cell phone company, bonded hardcore with a sweet man named Brendan, and here I am. I am so fucking bummed. But, on the plus side, Will is doing loads better. I am as well. I just miss you all so much, especially you, Doug, I miss the hell out of you. I haven’t been avoiding anyone, I just need downtime, you know? I don’t like labels, at all. I mean, they suck, and not in a good way. So, I send this blog post out as a collective wish to have you all send all of the good vibes, prayers, dreams, wishes, whatever…I NEED MY PHONE! I feel so lost without it. That’s kind of a damned shame, isn’t it? Are we all lost without our phones? Is technology replacing humanity? I don’t like to think so. I had such a blast talking with Brendan. He was from Phoenix and he told me that I was the best call he had had in his entire career. I was calling as Will, because, you know, she holds all of the cards, story of my motherfucking life. I need a fucking phone. Wish me luck, say a prayer, send me an angel, something. I can’t love you without my phone…

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PS – There is bonus material in the audio. 😉

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