Hello! I found my fucking phone, thank the Trash Pandas. It was in the bed with my nekkid ass the whole fucking time. If I had only done the “Rich Dad” thing, I would have found it and saved all of your happy, sweet, fantastic asses the trouble of hearing me meltdown over a lost burner. I love Lady Cassidy’s advice: just go to Tarzhay and buy a new one! Well, my weekends are never that fucking simple. I fucking wish. I spend most weekends wishing I could take a long walk on a short pier. This weekend, though? This weekend was amazing. Ms. Will and I were celebrating an anniversary, of sorts. I had a bit of a sore throat, so, I just said fuck talking dirty, let’s just eat some pussy and call it a day. I was making myself caldo de pollo con habanero every damned day of this weekend, just to make my throat be my bitch and not the other way around. I know a fuck ton of you cocksucking bitches know exactly what I am talking about. And I love you for that. And champagne was involved…she got me a beautiful necklace and no, I am not speaking in code. I wish I had felt better, I wanted to do a blowout weekend with all of you so that you could help us celebrate, but the Universe had other plans…thank the Goddesses The Walking Dead is back tonight and they are kicking ass and taking down names. I always wanted a collaborative world, sue me. I wanted wet nurses in season three…

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