I’ve been MIA for a few days spending some much needed time with my family and friends. I will return, I promise. I have laughed so hard, cried a little harder, but just enough, really. It’s a lot of togetherness for me and that. in and of itself. is exhausting. I know this may come as a bit of a shock, but I am a hardcore introvert.  Please don’t worry about me or Ms. Will. We are working really hard to be okay with each other and to see this through with elegance and grace. Wish us love. Speaking of love, here’s more from the hilarious article about butthole love from the Butthole Surfers, but not the Original Butthole Surfers, my sincere apologies to those dudes. Not much more of this fun article left, so, I hope you all enjoy this and have a great laugh. Who knew getting it in the butt could be so fun?!?

“When he starts to really fuck you, it gets very overwhelming. You’re making noises you didn’t even know existed and the whole thing is just blowing your mind. All of these sensations are just making you feel so vulnerable, and you’re staring at the dude (well depending on the position) and you usually feel some warm and fuzzies towards them. You also might think the way they’re fucking you is incredibly hot and primal and oh my god you’ve never wanted them so badly before! You want them to fuck you so hard and jesus christ, where is all of this coming from?! You just want to get fucked, you know?! Fuck me!”

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