Happy Friday! I am so happy to be writing again. It’s been a rocky road, to say the least. I won’t really dwell on anything negative here, because this is where I come to get away from all of that. I have been busy with life and personal stuff, but I feel the winds of change are blowing. I am really happy to be back, talking dirty and having fun with all of you! I miss you when I can’t sign in for some reason. I truly do. And when you call, it’s like a little slice of heaven for me. I love hearing all about your kinks, your dreams, your fantasies, your desires and even your doldrums. We all have them sometimes, right? It’s great to be able to have an objective person to speak with about, ahem, whatever pops up. I love being that person for you. I truly do. I wish I had more time to spend just hanging out, shooting the breeze, making you moan with pleasure, or, whatever you need in that particular moment. I love making you smile, or, conversely, making you cringe, cry or feel however you wish to feel during our time together. I love being your confidant and most importantly, your Mistress! I sure hope we can catch up and have some naughty fun together. I have missed you so much! I love this time of the year because it gives us a great reason to reflect on the past year, and, to look forward to the year to come and all that it may bring. Cheers to us!

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