Another Tuesday is upon us. I am actually feeling pretty good about things and life in general, which is kind of odd, considering what’s happening in my life (nothing major to me, just going through things with my loved ones). I am so happy that I have a comfy place to work and fun people with whom to share good times, aka all of you! It was a rough summer, as many of you know, and the autumn was rough too, but like I was just telling John, when you live in a climate as nice as this one, everything just seems so easy peasy lemon squeezey, you know? I mean, it wasn’t that long ago I lived where there was this sense of urgency about winter and here? Well, I am still in my sexy sandals with my pretty painted toes and signature toe ring. I consider that a win. It’s a temporary one, since we are just renting here in SoCal. But when you see the joy in each moment of now, it makes things seem simple, sweet, succulent, even. I love that word: succulent. I would much rather be seen as a succulent woman, than a sweet one. Juicy, dripping, squeezing every drop of life that life has to offer in each moment, regardless as to what is happening in the world around her. What a great way to be! I love this new chapter in my life and I really love having all of you to help me enjoy it! Ally has some fun things planned for the last two weeks of the year, so stay tuned, kinky hombres! Stay tuned! 😉

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